Masalah Wifi network Tak Muncul Bila Windows 8 Update

wifi error my computer

Dah 3 4 hari tak dapat online guna laptop, masalah timbul bila windows automatically update dan lepas tu laptop terus tak dapat connect wifi. Bukan tak dapat connect sebenarnya tapi memang tak ada langsung connections yang dapat di kesan. Nasib baik ada pakcik google. Gogel punye gogel akhirnya jumpa solusinya, and it is actually a […]

An hour with the astronouts

umair n astronout

Sorry peeps! It took me some time to update my blog. So many things happened and October has been used to manage back our routine that has cluttered. After reading Dr. Halina’s entry, we decided to go to UKM as Umair is sooo into aircraft’s, rockets and space. I’m not sure about his passion (yet) […]