5 Reasons Why People Choose Shaklee

I don’t know how you got here but I bet you also want to know why people choose Shaklee. Right?
The following is from Mr Roger Barnett who is the CEO of Shaklee. He will explain to you what makes people choose Shaklee. Check it out!
“With Shaklee, it is not a CHOICE between time with your family, or making a good income. With Shaklee, it’s all about the FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want, with the financial opportunity to make it all possible
How does that happen?
Well Shaklee is at the forefront at the FIVE MAJOR BUSINESS TRENDS of the 21st century:
1) The first trend is the EXPLODING GROWTH OF THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS INDUSTRY, which is projected to quintuple over the next five years. This is principally driven by the aging at the baby boomers who are the largest single demographic cohort in the history of the world because the baby boomers are getting older and they don’t want to. So they’re looking to live longer more productive lives and that is going to drive an enormous amount of sales
2) NUTRITION is the second trend which is projected to double over the next five years because people everywhere want more energy, want to feel younger and live longer. Every day more and more evidence including Shaklee’s landmark study which is the most important study of long-term users of multiple supplements that’s ever been done. That study provides compelling evidence that Shaklee supplements are key and critical component of a healthier life.
3) The third trend is the BEAUTY BUSINESS which is also projected to double over the next five years because people want to not only feel younger but they want to look younger as well.
4) The forth trend is the EXPLODING GROWTH OF THE GREEN PRODUCTS which today is already a multi hundred billion dollar industry and growing; because everyday more and more people or caring about the environment and what kind of planet we will leave to our children.
5) The fifth most important trend in the 21st century is for people to TAKE CONTROL OVER THEIR LIVES and ECONOMIC FUTURE by creating their own business and that is fueling an explosion a home-based businesses which is happening all overt he world.”
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