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Jobs paying $75.00 per hour and salaries of over $185,000 a year are going unfilled due to a lack of skilled tech workers.
by Philip Green

To all of the young people that follow my Page, I have two imperative bits of advice for you. Listen to me and listen good, please.
1. Learn to code. Get a job in tech.
2. Learn to create apps. Own the tech.
– Philip Green

Now get out there and Live your Best Life!
Get up out of poverty! Read More Books. Take free online courses. Join YearUp!
Scratch, the free Interactive coding tutorial

Learn to code interactively, for free.

Take free courses from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Wharton B-School…free!
Code Academy
Khan Academy

Free Math & Computer Programming Courses

Black Girls Code
The Code Academy
Khan Academy

Black Hedge Fund Group Code + App Development Resources

36 Resources To Help You Teach Kids Programming

MIT App Inventor tutorial to develop mobile apps on Android phones.

Scratch – A simple visual programming language

Windows Apps

Apple iOS Developer Program

Khan Academy

Code Academy

Places Where Women Can Learn to Code

2019, Black Hedge Fund Group – The Black Hedge Fund Group


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