An hour with the astronouts

Sorry peeps! It took me some time to update my blog. So many things happened and October has been used to manage back our routine that has cluttered.

After reading Dr. Halina’s entry, we decided to go to UKM as Umair is sooo into aircraft’s, rockets and space. I’m not sure about his passion (yet) as it is still developing but yeah, why not we take this opportunity to let him experience and to be exposed to this wonderful event.

Yeapp…as you see the title, it was an hour visit to meet the astronauts. Haha! That morning, Umair had to go to school and I had an examination meeting at the faculty I work. We had the chance to go to UKM at 3pm after everything was settled. The moment we arrived (after we got lost on our way there), the event was about to finish as the MC announced that the audience are allowed to take pictures with the astronauts. At the time, the astronauts from Russia and German were there (sorry I forgot their names).

astronout from germany

Being so blur at that time, the first place that we headed was the stage! LOL. Everyone especially the school students were busying ‘wefie’ with them and I couldn’t let Umair being himpit by them (Umair is only 5). So, we took pictures on the stage first. Nobody cares when we played on the stage hehe. Slowly we approached the Russian astronauts and he noticed that Umair was standing in front of him. Alhamdulillah I managed to capture a very nice picture of him with Umair.

umair n astronout

Then we headed to the second astronaut. Man he is so tall! I think maybe because of his height, he did’t notice when Umair was trying to say hi in front of him. I called him but unfortunately he didn’t hear my sweet voice (hihi). The kids…I mean the school students were still busy asking for ‘wefie’, so I decided to bring Umair away instead of being squashed by them. Then we went out.

At the lobby, there were some activities but most of them were finished. We saw a flight stimulator (I think!) not far from the exhibition and Umair took the opportunity to fly a jet.

The best part is when we went outside, we saw the PERMATA kids testing their rockets that they build. I think we were there observing the rockets until the end. There is where we met Dato’ Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and took a quick selfie.

an hour with astronout

All in all, I personally think it was a great event even tough we were there less than an hour. I think those who have kids who is so in to rockets or astronomy should bring the kiddos to this kind of event. Who knows they will be the next astronouts? Kan kan kan ;)

sheikh muzaffar


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