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Jom Belajar Bahasa Mandarin (Basic Conversation) Bersama Ruqayya Laoshi :) – Pengenalan

 Ni hao! Wo jiao Ruqayya!

(Salam sejahtera! Saya dipanggil Ruqayya)

Hahaha! I know it’s weird. I think I’m going to share with you how to speak basic Mandarin. I’m sorry I’m going to code switch Bahasa Melayu + English + Mandarin as I planned it to be more informal. I hope you don’t mind with me. ( I know some people find it so distracting and mencacatkan pemandangan but biarlah, as long as we are happy – that’s fine with me!)

Alrite, I find that it is very important to understand basic mandarin. We need to know what is going around us and learn to bargain when it comes to shopping. LOL! In this entry, I’m just gonna teach you the BASIC VOCABULARY and PHRASES that we need to understand. I’m not going to touch on pronunciation, intonation neither pinyin (the handwriting) as my focus in only on the message. However, bare in mind it is also important to learn the rest to make your communication more meaningful. Nevertheless, we shall focus on the basic phrases first yea!

I learned basic Mandarin when I studied in UiTM. I used to get As (I’m not bragging) as I just lurveee understanding the basic mandarin when I watch TV. I still remember when I used to work in Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), one of the Lecturers/Language Teachers, invited to me to teach Mandarin as a part timer. Well, I didn’t had the guts to teach as I think it’s better for native speakers like him teaching instead of a 3rd language learner like me. Every time when I bumped into him, I will try my best to speak basic Mandarin and he was so happy about it. So, I think it is best for me to share the basic knowledge that I have instead of letting it gone with the wind.


Owhhh owhhh and PLEASE BARE IN MIND, I’m gonna give some time for myself for probation (percubaan). If I think I find it hard to teach through this blog, I’ll just be honest about it. Andd, I if there is/are any mistake(s), please correct me yea!

Tapiiiiii…………. I hope you will not ask me questions on how to say this and that, the meaning of certain phrases etc tec! I’m just sharing what I know. And I can’t teach everything sebab terlampau banyak. U can either check the goolge translator or maybe ask Chinese speakers about it. The least I could do is asking my ex-students. I hope they don’t mind helping me on it. So, let’s go to our first lesson!



When you meet people, these are the following greeatings u can use according to the time:

Good morning:       Zaoshang hao

Good evening:        Xiawu hao

Good night:             Wanshang hao

But it’s different when you say good bye:

Good morning:          Zaoshang an

Good evening:           Xiawu an

Good night:                Wan an


If you want to say hi to someone, u can use the following phrases:

Salam sejahtera!:        Ni hao!

Long time no see!:      Hao ju bu jian!

How are you?:              Ni hao ma?

I’m fine:                           Wo hen hao


For gelaran (title), use the following:

Miss:     Xiaojie

Mr:         Xiansheng

Mrs:       Nushi


For pronouns (kata nama), use teh following:

I:             Wo (singular); Women (plural)

You:      Ni (singular); Nimen (plural)

Dia:        Ta (singular); Tamen(plural)


So, lets put it together:

eg #1: Umair xiansheng! Hao jiu bu jian! Ni hao ma? (Mr Umair! Long time no see! How are you?)

           : Ruqayya nushi, wo hen hao. (Mrs Ruqayya, I;m fine)

eg #2: Laoshi , zaoshang hao. (Teacher, good morning.)


Ok lah. Enough for now. Too much pun boleh pening. Anyway, if guys need an mandarin handbook and prefer to learn by yourself, I would like to suggest this Speak Mandarin Handbook which you could buy from HERE. It comes with an audio CD which can help with your pronunciation. The book looks like in the picture below.

Alrite then. See you again! Wan an!


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42 thoughts on “Jom Belajar Bahasa Mandarin (Basic Conversation) Bersama Ruqayya Laoshi :) – Pengenalan

  1. Umur saya 12 tahun..saya suka belajar bahasa cina..tapi saya rasa macam saya x bleh nak hafal perkataan dalam bahasa cina…macam mane miss/sir hafal?

    1. Kalau nak hafal sesuatu perkataan baru, kita kena biasakan gunakan perkataan tu. Kalau hafal semata-mata tak jadi dik. So apa adik boleh buat, cuba cari kawan-kawan berbangsa Cina dan cuba gunakan bahasa mandarin tu yea. Good luck!

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  3. saya suka belajar bahasa mandarin,tapi tak mampulah lagi nak masuk kelas,gaji tak banyak mana.hihi,saya belajar sendiri je melalui youtube,kt blog,beli buku..etc

  4. xie xie ni ruqayya nushi . sayo ni minat belaja bhs asing. tp, duit xdok nk msk kls khas dio. Google je la tiap kli nk blaja. tp, ad ore oyak, Google translation ni, bkn betul sgt. btl k?

  5. im so excited to learn “bahasa cina”… so thank you for teach me how to talk in “bhasa cna” and at the same is easy to me untuk bercakap dengan other friends yg berbahasa cina..and i hope..u can help me .. more than this… :)

      1. Ni hao , Ruqayya nushi . Wo shi Erika . Actually I think Mandarin language is very exciting . Initially i dislike this language yet i got too many chinese friends, so i decided to learn speaking in mandarin in my daily lifes.

  6. Thanks a lot sis.. boyfriend i mix chinese. So nak amik hati daddy dia i should learn how to speak mandrin at least once in a life time. :)

  7. Salam. I really interested in learning mandarin but some of my friends said u r wasting ur money to learn that cuz language need years to learn. And if u learn since u r small is acceptable. Am i too old to learn mandarin?, (stupid question i guess) :'(

  8. Saya Ada kawan yang berbansa cina..sudah jugak nak cakap ngan mereka…so Saya terpaksa belajar bahasa cina..bru mereka faham..kadang2 sy slh pronoun mereka blh betulkan….Terima kasih :)

    1. Thank you for sharing Irna. Just to add some info, zaoshang hao is used for formal communication (ie: when speaking with elderly) while zao an is used for everyday communication.

      1. actually zao shang hao??? and zao an?? is the same. zao shang??means morning,hao? means good. while zao an?? is stick together also means good means peaceful/good literally .

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