Mesti Cuba: 5 Delightful Banana Recipes

My family and I love bananas so much. The 3 of us can finish a bunch of bananas within 2-3 days. Since we love it so much, so I have decided to collect yummy banana recipes for me to try and share them with my family and friends. Insya Allah, all the recipes that I have collected are HALAL and TOYYIBAN :)

So here it goes!

1. Look at these Chocalate Dipped Banana Cream Pops. How can’t you fall in love?



2. It is a must to make your own delicious Strawberry Banana Ice Cream!



3.  It’s easy to make Chocolate Banana Smoothie! Just blend all ingredients together!

Chocolate Banana Smoothie


4. Gone Bananas? Let’s do this!

Gone bananas


5. Want to have something fast for breakfast? Try Banana Mug Cake.

Banana Mug Cake


I can’t wait to try all of them. It’s simple and can be prepared within 5-15 minutes. Give it a shot.


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