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It took me some time to write this post. I really don’t know how to begin with. Tapi kalau tak share, nanti ramai yang tak tahu. And our education is system is very competitive nowadays. Well, here it goes…..


As some of you might have noticed, I have started doing online classes. Not the regular online marketing classes. Tapi ONLINE HOME TUITION classes. Dulu nak buat home-tutor tapi bila fikirkan masalah logistic, I know I can’t have more than 4 students at a time. Rumah kecik. Nanti students tak selesa. Then, I thought of offering myself to teach at my potential students place and again banyak benda nak kena deal termasuk TIME, PLACE and WHO IS AVAILABLE at the time of the class is being conducted. Dibuatnya mak, kakak, maid or any female takde, iskk takut dengan sebarang kemungkinan yang tak diingini. Na’uzubillah! Or maybe I’m just overthinking tskkk tskkk

ANDDD….. I’ll be paranoid bila dengar kes-kes pelik yang berlaku kat sekolah and pusat tuisyen sekarang ni. Not that I want to belittle tempat-tempat tu but these days it’s hard to believe anyone. Contohnya; I heard there are kids who were molested before/during/after school or tuition time while waiting for their parents to pick them up. This is INSANE! There are also some kids (especially teenagers!!) betray their parents’ trust by saying that they have extra classes but ended up going out with their so-called lovers. In the end I don’t know where they have ended up to. Duhhh geram pulak rasanya.

I am also following Syed Azmi and Wardina Safiyyah’s campaign awareness on  child sexual abuse which is extremely critical nowadays. I tell you; TRUST NO ONE. Dekat masjid ke, sekolah ke, shopping mall ke, tuition center ke, anything can happen. If you read on the issues what is happening lately, you’ll be paranoid as well. Especially pasal pedophile. Gahhh!! I can be emotional on this matter. We have to think of our children’s safety.


Well……..intro dah ke laut. The title is about ONLINE HOME TUITION but ended up cakap pasal benda lain.




Disebabkan benda-benda di atas la, I thought hard on how can our children study in a safe environment and at the same time can be observed by their caretakers. And dalam masa yang sama, I want to work in a safe and conducive environment when conducting my tuition classes. So, wujudlah ONLINE HOME TUITION. taraaaa!!

If you have read about the background of this platform (READ HERE), there are so many things offered. Honestly, as an educator, I find this platform very amusing sebab all notes, mindmaps, objective practices, subjective practices, video etc are provided.






A standard 2 boy is trying standard 4 practice.


This platform tersangatlah sesuai to all children from Standard 4 – Form 5. Why these level have been chosen sebab these people will be preparing and sitting for their UPSR, PT3 and SPM.  My son who is in standard 2 also tried this platform. I was shocked when he could spend a lot of time just to answer the objective practice for English, Math and Bahasa Melayu. We chose the easy level to give him a try.


Budak-budak memang boleh leka pakai platform ni. Nak tahu kenapa?


1. Before using this platform, students need to choose an avatar to create their house or play games with their friends.



2. Setiap kali buat practice dengan jayanya, they will be awarded with virtual $$coins. With the coins, given, they can feed the avatar or using it to buy stuff to deco their house. Other than that, they can pay with the virtual coins to play games available in the platform.


3. The students are ranked. The more practice they have done successfully, the higher ranking they are going to be. And this ranking displays all students in Malaysia who is using this platform. I call it PERSAINGAN SIHAT.


4. The students can add friends to see their avatars, activities and performance. But don’t worry. They can’t communicate with each other due to safety.

5. There is also a ranking for each school. Katakanlah student form 5 of Sekolah Abu Bakar are using this platform, they can see their form 5 friends who is doing a lot of practice.

6. Besides the conventional notes that our kids have to read from their buku rujukan, they can also attach sticky notes, pictures and videos in their notes available in the platform.


7. If they need a teacher, we will assign them an authentic teacher (guru-guru KPM) to teach and guide them. The same teacher will also give them assignments macam tuition classes. Classes can be conducted from rumah masing-masing. It’s like the kids are meeting their teacher in your house. Insya Allah it is safe selagi parents pantau.

8. Videos by Cikgu Raj are very helpful for the SPM students especially those who loves Chemistry and Physics (not me!) LOL!



So, a parent, why do I like this platform?



I can observe my child’s progress. All activities that they have done will be sent to my e-mail or notified through parent’s account which is FREE.

2. There are times parents can assign homework to their children (bahagian ni masih test pilot)



Let’s say I want to bring my kids go for a holiday, ada masanya risau juga affect schooling time. The worst part is that your children might miss certain topics that they should learn. Then, as a parent kita suruh anak bawak text books and reference books yang super heavy pergi holiday. Terus takde mood kan. But the platform that we are using can be used OFFLINE. Just download the app in your phone or tablet. Meaning that our children can read and do practices from their phone walaupun takde internet connection. Once dah balik or ada internet connection, the progress will be synced to their account. Goodbye heavy boookss!



Screenshot_2017-03-02-18-53-53 Screenshot_2017-03-02-20-09-50


Parents can see the topical analysis what their children are good at. Contohnya, there are children who loves Sains, ada yang suka Pendidikan Islam, ada yang buat Math jer. So, from here you can see your children’s interest.

5. No need to start car engine and waste petrol to send your kids to tuition classes. Save minyak! Save duit! No need to wait for them before the class ended around 10PM. Esok nak kerja!



I asked my sister who is in form 5 to use this platform. Macam biasa, semua akan skeptikal before even trying it. Then I opened it for her and and then she was focusing on doing the activities punyalah lama. I think she was excited to know which topic she was not good at. Mind me, she’s the type otak genius dapat 11A for PT3 but at the same time wants to have fun. So she liked the platform and quickly subscribed it. Kebetulan that particular week dia ada ujian bulanan, so nampaklah she did the practices (she doesn’t know that I am observing her progress! LOL).

My sister’s progress. Bocor rahsia!




Anyway, this platform is also good for teachers. They can use it for PDP (pengajaran and pembelajaran, I think) in school. The best thing about this platform is that the materials are UP-TO-DATE. Meaning, they have to integrate what that KPM has decided such as mesti apply Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT), i-Think etc (are you even aware of these terms?). They say that learning nowadays kena ‘Pembelajaran Alaf ke 21’ (PAK21) like kena guna computer, internet and phones. Yelah, dulu orang pergi shopping pilih barang kat mall. Sekarang boleh shopping online. Dulu orang bayar bil beratur kat Telekom/TNB, sekarang bayar online. Dulu orang isi borang nak masuk IPTA kena beratur beli borang UPU kat pejabat pos, sekarang semua online. Senang kata, SEKARANG NI SEMUA ONLINE. Yeayy!

So, there you have it. These are all my personal review. Eh kejap. I totally forgot to introduce the platform that I am using. It is called i-Learn Ace. LOL. It was created by MindTech Education who is one of the anak syarikat of SASBADI Holdings. I’m sure most of you are familiar with SASBADI, kan? Coz I grew up with Sasbadi too! Now my son is also using Sasbadi reference books for extra exercise. I really hope they will create and open this platform for Standard 1-3 too.

Oh yeah. Platform ni berbayar. We have to subscribe it for a year with a cost of RM 0.96/day. For me it is affordable coz there are so many things provided. All can be used Online and Offline. And if your children need a teacher, just add an additional of RM25/subject/month. Masih lagi berbaloi sebab tusyen kat luar pun RM40-70/subject (and tak payah bayar minyak petrol!) Jimat masa and tenaga ok! The teacher assigned will be teaching online face-to-face.












If you are a traveler or a parent who is always out-station or maybe just a parent who is concern about what your children have learned and achieved; and the most important thing is concern about your children’s safety, I am more than happy to welcome you to join our ONLINE HOME TUITION. Tuition can now be done through the integration of e-Learning and Mobile Learning (M-Learning). If you want to find out more about it, you can directly CONTACT  or E-MAIL me and I will assist you.

And if you want a hands-on free trial to use this platform, I am more than happy to help you.


And owhhhh….!!! I selalu lupa pasal this part. Any parents or teachers who have subscribed this platform, you can also get $$commission (which means EXTRA INCOME! Yeayy!!) if you recommend this platform to your friends. How do you do it? Again, don’t forget to directly CONTACT ME!

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