Peluang berbisnes dan jana pendapatan dari rumah dengan shaklee

I was a facebook silent reader before. I don’t post much on facebook bcoz I was afraid of the sins that I might produced unconciously. I believe that fb should be used as a medium of dakwah instead of trashing out about our feelings on the fb wall.

One day, my husband who is so passionate about online business, told me to fully utilise fb as a medium of doing business. I asked myself how can i benefit this social media instead of wasting my time being a silent reader of my friends’ updates….

Until i found Shaklee….

Doing Shaklee is easy. I dont have to meet and force people. I dont have to keep stocks in my house. I dont have to be online on fb 24 hours. All i have to do is just to share the goodness of Shaklee to help others. I really believe that it is better to invest money on our health instead of paying the hospital fees. not only I can help others, I have also earned my side income when i update my ‘status’ on facebook. After one month of doing it, I’m happy to share with you that that I earned 3 numbers of as my first side income. And it has tripled 3 times higher this month. Alhamdulillah!

So I’m ready to help more people to experience the same benefit. It’s easy. Just consume Shaklee’s awesome supplements, experience the benefit, share it and earn your side income.

Who knows whether one day this side income will exceed your current salary? Coz I believe one day it will exceed mine

If you’re interested, you know where to find me

Ruqayya 0133887507


Peluang berbisnes dan jana pendapatan dari rumah dengan shaklee

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