Pengalaman Kelas PhoP by Lini Mohd

PhoP atau sebutannya /fop/ diasaskan oleh Puan Lini Mohd. I found out about kelas Phop by Lini Mohd when I noticed few people sharing their pictures with the hashtag #phopbylinimohd .

Masing-masing kongsikan ‘task’ (tugasan) photography yang mereka buat.

“Cantiknya!” That was my first impression.

Common questions that I would always ask “pakai kamera apa ni?”

And standard answer I’d would get was “pakai fon je”.

Pengalaman Kelas Phop by Lini Mohd – A Personal Review

I’m not sure the history about her classes as I’m still a newbie. What I could say that she has started seriously about conducting her classes since circa 2016-2017 (correct me if I’m wrong).

Her method; unlike other people, she uses Telegram only. Hebat kan? If you google about her classes, there’s not much on the Google but she has helped so many people especially women in developing themselves.

Try to search #phopbylini on Facebook, and walla! Macam-macam gambar meriah akan keluar.

Personally I’d say her soft-selling method has reached so many people. She doesn’t have to use hard-selling way to promote about her classes. I figured out about her classes just through the regular task Phop Challenges on Facebook and the #phopbylinimohd hashtag in Instagram that she has regularly conducted with her pupils.

Phop a.k.a Phone Photography is a name that she has registered for class. Nama pun catchy kan.

Usually her class is conducted about a month on weekly basis. Nak join kelas dia pun kena queue 2 bulan as she has quota. Known as ‘cikgu garang’ but baik hati, she conducts her classes 100% on Telegram. At first, I’d find it hard to follow as I was not a Telegram regular user. However, it helps those who can’t be ‘online’ while she’s conducting the class. Dalam erti kata lain, boleh dengar and refer Telegram tu at a later time.

Her unique method has helped so many people especially ladies as we ladies don’t have time to be on online classes like other regular online classes. Just listen to her voice notes and refer to what she has shared. Boleh buat kerja lain (sambil lipat kain, sapu rumah etc sambil dengan apa dia ajar). I’m not sure whether men could adapt to this method as we women are multi-tasking kuikuikui

Basically she has 2 types of class. As I am composing this post, currently she is conducting Batch 30 and APC 28 (again I’m not sure).

So apa beza 2 kelas ni?

Batch Classes

For the Batch classes, she will introduce on basic Phop preparations, tips and tricks, food photography and street photography.

During my time, we also had product photography. However, starting next year she will provide with more interesting syllabus which is more comprehensive.

Some of the tasks that I did:

Task 1: Product Photography.
Task 2: Street Photography – Silhouette / Shadow
Task 3: Tepung & Telur
Task 4: Burger / Sausage

For task 1 and 2, I managed to get in the top 40 list. However, when it comes to food styling, I have to admit I failed at this part. I only know how to eat food instead of styling them hahahah!

The funny part of food photography was; I discovered I didn’t have many items when it comes to kitchen utensils or accessories. Imagine all this while I have been using pinggan percuma and small towels or kain buruk. This was the first time I bought my own kitchen napkins and a nice dulang for myself. In fact, I had to borrow my mom’s baking utensils just for the photography! LOL

APC Classes

Disclaimer: This class has never been promoted on the social media; so not much will be revealed to respect their privacy.

For those who have completed her Batch classes, she (and her team I guess) will invite the ladies to join her Advance Phop Class (APC). Her focus is on the ladies as she personally thinks that all ladies must develop their own personal self-strength and branding.

Even though she’s garang, I’d love the fact that she emphasizes on the aurah and shariah matters in every day life.

“Jika ada figura manusia, pastikan jaga batasan aurat”. A stand that I respect as a woman.

What make her classes different from the others?

She has her own personal touch. Only the ladies would understand. She’s a garang cikgu but with good intentions.

I have to be honest, I’m not one of the jovial people who would like to chat in any social media. Networking is not my forte. I would feel bad for not following 100% of her advice in the APC especially for not being active as a ‘duta of the ummah’ (quote my words) in this virtual world. However, I do enjoy being in the activities that her team has conducted whenever I am free.

It can be self-therapeutic.

So, ladies, if you think you want to be in a community with positive vibes, I do recommend all of you to join her class. You will get all sorts of advice, tips about photography, business and life.

If you use Facebook as medium for you to share your life and business, this is a good platform for you to join her community.

As for me, I purposely limit my time on social media. I find it hard to express my thoughts through writing or even read anything in it. As an introvert, I use other mediums to communicate and earn my living. Lagipun my cousin who works with the cyber-security has always reminded us not to expose too much on the social media.

We have the same purpose in life cuma cara masing-masing berbeza.

On the other hand, proof to yourself and to her as your guru that you will help yourself and the community or otherwise, you will be kicked out of her group! Only those who are active will remain. LOL. That’s the spirit!

Inilah my pengalaman kelas bersama Phop by Lini Mohd. I hope I have shared something useful for you ladies out there. Join her class if you are regular facebook user. Otherwise, you can always opt for other classes which are still affordable like hers.


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