Nak belajar GRAMMAR dengan saya?

Hello peeps!

I’m thinking of conducting grammar classes with a maximum of 4 students per session. I ada pengalaman mengajar basic grammar kepada pelajar2 IPTA dan I rasa it’s a waste if I don’t share it with other people. 8 years of teaching experience and now I am a WAHM (working at-home mom). Honestly, I don’t have any experience in conducting small private or personal tuition. I used to teach 25-30 students at a time. My strategy was facilitating my students instead of spoonfeeding them. I am not exam-oriented person and I am very delighted if my students are more self-oriented in improving their grammar.

For now, I don’t have any place except from my home-sweet-home to conduct the classes. I am only available in the morning and my target is to facilitate young adult learners. I prefer lepasan SPM students or anyone who is doing their diploma or degree. Classes for tertiary students can done during semester break.

Why not kids? Honestly, I have problems in tolerating with kids or even young teenager yang baru masuk akhil baligh hahahaha. Lain orang lain belalang. Belalang muda I tak reti nak handle hihi. Atleast I can help the former category in improving their writing and speaking skills in their academic years before entering any job profession.

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What’s my strategy of teaching?

I am going to guide my people. Spoon-feeding will not be practiced. They have to work in a group of 4 or maybe in pairs to read first what they will be learning. Then, they are going to present or share with me what they have understood. From there, I will be guiding them by adding any information that they have missed and correcting anything that they have misunderstood.

Kenapa tak ajar je terus?

Nope. According to my experience, this didn’t work for me. Grammar is very boring. Macam belajar Maths. Boleh tidur jadinya. That’s why I prefer active learning. Kalau I je yang active tapi student passive, it doesn’t work for learning grammar. At least when they are active, it’s good for kinaesthetic learning as well. Badan sihat, otak pun cergas. Ahaksss

I’m going to start with Simple Present Tense first. According to my experience, to cover this topic only will take 2 weeks if the classes are conducted 4hours/week. Altogether this topic needs at least a good of 8 hours for learning including discussing, practicing verbally,  doing written exercises and maybe some tests to see what my students have mastered and to see the loop hole. But this duration can be shortened to 6 hours per topic since there are only a maximum if 4 students in a class. Lets see how it goes. I need your support and feedback to help you back.

Owhh I used to teach intermediate levels and I don’t mind to teach beginners. Semua orang nak menguasai grammar dengan baik kan. For advanced level, maybe you can seek help from other professionals. I’m sorry I don’t do editing. Dulu ada buat translating but now I’m focusing on something else. As you can see, nak edit blog ni pun tak terbuat.

Now for a start, this is something my students have to read first. Please download and read on Simple Present Tense. If you want to master on this topic, please leave your comments below or personally e-mail me.

What’s the fee for my classes?

It depends on how many students that I have per class. The more, the merrier, the cheaper. We shall discuss about it. But maximum of 4 only if you really want to focus. So, go and get your friends to join this class. Tell your family if they need help on grammar. We shall do a trial class once we get a group of students.

Location: one of the housing area in Shah Alam near Plaza Masalam.
Time: morning session only.
Frequency: can be discussed.
Medium of instruction: code-switch English and Malay (depends on students’ proficiency)

Owhh these classes are for English Grammar je yea; not Mandarin LULZ

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  1. Bunga Angkasa says

    I am sorry but your English is horrible. Reading your post makes me cringe so hard. I know for a fact that you used Google Translate to translate your article from Malay to English. It is pretty obvious. Did you check your article before publishing them here? I guess not. Take a look again into that post about kindies in Shah Alam. If you don’t believe me, show that article to anyone and ask them comment on that article. I had a hard time comprehending it. They will be shocked to know that it came from someone who claimed that she has an experience teaching grammar and is trying to open up a grammar class.

    I am actually amazed by your confidence and effort in spreading knowledge. However, I am afraid that you yourself needs to brush up your English first before thinking of opening a class.

    I do hope you could take this as a constructive criticism and improve yourself. Thanks.


    • says

      Hi Bunga Angkasa,

      Thank you for your comment. FYI, most posts in were written in Bahasa Melayu and code-switched in English once in a while. I believe that your computer/internet were set in English. Google will automatically translate all Bahasa Melayu posts in into English and yes, it will sound horrible. All posts were targeted to Malay readers who prefer to read Bahasa Melayu with a combination of rojak language and that’s it was code-switched. Please check your computer/internet setting and you’ll be surprised how Google Translate ‘has done the work for me’.

      Thank you for reading

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