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Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera,
Nama saya Ruqayya Khalid, isteri kepada Mofazri Ibrahim ( merangkap penasihat, pengkritik tetap dan webmaster supplementmama.com hihi ). I used to be a fulltime working mom and a mother to an active son. Now, I am a part-time lecturer and a WAHM. Yiehaa!! I code switch A LOT since I was 5. Ntah kenapa. It has been a habit and it is just ME. If you find me writing formally or nerdly, then it is my husband who wrote it haha.


Supplementmama.com is a platform for us to share any interesting information that might benefit people around us. With the motto “We share because we care”, we think that it is best to help people by sharing whatever is interesting and helpful to us (and YOU!).

Why it is named supplementmama? Well, anything GOOD is a supplement to us. Happiness is a supplement. Reading quran is a supplement. Sharing information is also a supplement. So, we supplement you by sharing good stuff. That’s what it is! :)

Apart from that, we also share about Shaklee since it has helped a lot with my health. Since I hit the 3 series, it was so obvious that I started to feel tired. Never in my life have I experienced prolonged migraine. Things started to go haywire and I know I just have to take care of myself. After a long survey, try and error and budget calculation, in the end we have chosen Shaklee. It’s affordable, has been more than 50 years in market and HALAL. And I believe, everyone should take care of their health my eat clean or paling malas pun consume supplements. Remember, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!

Author :Ruqayya Khalid
Co-author: Mofazri Ibrahim
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