Supplemen Untuk Wanita 30 an

suplemen untuk wanita 30an

Suplemen Untuk Wanita 30 an

When women hit 30, the body slowly shows some of the first subtle signs of aging. E.g:
– easily stressed
– wrinkles of joy comes naturally
– skin becoming less elastic
– prone to weight gain
– loss of muscle mass and tone
– fertility starts to slow down
– easy to experience heart burns and migraines

So how to maintain wellness?
– shift gears to fitness: less carbo and sugar, increase green vegies
– exercise exercise exercise
– pay special attention to your calcium, folate and iron (OSTEMATRIX & VITA-LEA recommended)
– maintain healthy weight and cholesterol (ESP & OMEGA recommended)
– be nice to your skin (Vita C and Collagen recommended)
– eat an antioxidant-rich diet to fight back breast cancer risks (Vita E, Alfalfa & Vivix recommended)
– find a stress free place to relax

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